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The signing of a memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Tan Quang Minh Company Limited and US Food International company


On 18/09/2012, at Caravelle Hotel, Tan Quang Minh manufacture and trading company limited - Bidrico has signed a memorandum of understanding on the exclusivity basis to produce, marketing and distribution of Sunkist products in compliance with the Trademark License Agreement of Sunkist in Vietnam and other countries.  US Foods International, Inc. (USFI), a company duly registered under the law of the State of California, USA and has the office located at 500 West 140th Street, Gardena, California 90248, USA and represented by Mr. Gary Turner Place, President & CEO.

Sunkist is a not-for-profit marketing cooperative entirely owned by and operated for the California and Arizona citrus growers who make up its membership. Sunkist trademark has been licenced in many countries of North America, Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa ..... and around the world..


Sunkist Trademark has for a long time, it has been known since 4000 BC, called "Sanskrist" in the Hindu language, in 1893 it was changed to "Sunkist" for today. Sunkist trademark products include many different types such as Sunkist Fresh fruit, Sunkist 100% juice, Sunkist juice drinks, Sunkist sparkling drinks, Sunkist food service, Sunkist culinary, Sunkist health & wellness, Sunkist snacks & confections.


Why are Americans willing to pay more money to buy an orange stamped certificate of Sunkist?

Because the surface of the orange is not to say the quality of the inside of it and we see the Sunkist brand as a guarantee. Another form of the form of "stamping" is the "trademark", means labeled components on the outside to increase the attractiveness of products for it.

So when product and service providers accept rebranded components besides its original brand goods as well as in the advertising program?
There will be four conditions are as follows:

1.Components which have very different, usually granted by patent protection and can evoke the quality of all products.

2. Components must play a central role in the function of the final product.

3. Original brand of products not very popular, perhaps because it is a new product, or the customer is rarely purchased, or because it has little difference with other products.

4. The final product is made from parts supplied by many different companies, these companies can be sold separately the "component" on the market "merchandise".


Here are some photos

General manager Bidrico company and 

 Mr Gary Place - President & CEO USFI company


Signed a memorandum of understanding

Bidrico products

Shake hands between representative of Bidrico and Sunkist

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