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Bidrico: Shining of Fully-fledged Vietnamese Brand

After 20 years of construction and development, Tan Quang Minh Manufacture & Trading Co., Ltd - Bidrico has become a leading beverage producer in Vietnam.


After 20 years of construction and development, Tan Quang Minh Manufacture & Trading Co., Ltd - Bidrico has become a leading beverage producer in Vietnam. By placing consumer interests on top, Bidrico always pioneers to launch quality and healthy beverage products favoured by both domestic and foreign consumers. This success is resulted from the crystallisation of solidarity and dynamism of the entire company led by General Director Nguyen Dang Hien. He has played the most important part in the shining of Bidrico brand name.

Quality makes name

In business, creating products of high quality and affordable prices is the most important to gain the trust of consumers. And, to achieve this, Bidrico launched a new investment strategy aimed at renovating technologies to enhance productivity and product quality based on the friendly and good for health criteria. With its constant creativity and endeavour and quick grasp of domestic consumer sentiment, since its inception, Bidrico always invest to renovate technologies; proactively applies innovative management and production processes in accordance with ISO 9001:2008, HACCP and cGMP standards to turn out high-quality products warmly welcomed by consumers like carbonated soft drinks, non-carbonated soft drinks, Yobi sterilised drinking yoghurt, A*nuta fruit drink, Super Tiger energy drink, purified water, bird’s nest drink, winter melon tea, fruit jelly, Korean ginseng drink, carbonated energy drink with kiwi-lemon, sour plum, strawberry and mixed fruit flavours

With the operating philosophy "Taking consumer satisfaction as a measure of products" plus "prestige, quality and reasonable price", Bidrico products are not only daily favourite products for many Vietnamese families but also attain a lot of significant achievements like Vietnamese High Quality Goods Awards in many years, Powerful Brand Award, Famous Brand Award, Vietnam Gold Star Award, Golden Statue for Products Trusted by Delta Consumers, Top 10 Favoured Vietnamese Goods Award, Golden Medal for Foods Quality and Safe to Community Health, National Brand Award, and others. With the slogan "Bidrico is proud to be Vietnamese products,” Bidrico products are completely Vietnamese, fitting to Vietnamese consumer tastes. Their quality is not inferior to imported products.

Professional development strategies

Since its establishment, Bidrico had development strategies in each phase of development. The phase 1 last from 1992 to 1998, with the main tasks of bringing products to rural areas, Mekong Delta provinces and even remote islands where competitiveness is less harsh. Besides, we carefully selected experienced distribution partners to carry out oil spill strategy (products - distributors - spilling). With this strategy, Bidrico products rapidly spread throughout the southern countryside thanks to low product prices.

In the second phase from 1998 to 2002, the company began to upgrade product line-ups with many beautiful designs and higher quality to send products cities like Hai Phong, Hue, Vinh and Can Tho and BigC supermarket chain. In the third phase from 2002 to 2008, the company strongly made inroads into the entire northern region. In the fourth phase from 2008 to now, Bidrico has strong enough human resources to distribute and occupy market shares in big cities. The company fully penetrated into HCM City market in 2009. Currently, Bidrico products are present in 104 supermarkets and 6,000 agents across the country.

Using rural markets as a springboard to conquer city markets is a successful strategy in an attempt to dominate the domestic market. This is not an easy task for all businesses. Thus, Bidrico has more opportunity to make success.

Globalising Vietnamese products

Never feeling satisfied with its successes in the domestic market, from 2009 to present Bidrico has promoted internal resources, used the domestic market as a springboard to reach international markets and conquer consumers around the world with quality products and brand reputation.

Not only actively participating in international trade fairs and exhibitions, Bidrico also regularly popularises its brand names through e-commerce channels such as Google and Alibaba. Besides, the company always focuses on creating commercial relationships from foreign personal relationships and many foreign companies gradually know Bidrico. Not only being bestowed a numerous of prestigious awards in the country, in 2011, Bidrico was honourably granted the “International Golden Star Quality Award 2011” by Business Initiative Directions (BID) based in Madrid, Spain. In 2012, Bidrico made another step to reach the “Platinum - Century International Quality Era Award.” These international awards reconfirmed Bidrico’s continued strong growth on the market today.

Together with the spread of Bidrico brand, the company’s export markets are constantly expanding. In the past years, Bidrico successfully promoted trade into new markets like the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia and neighbouring countries such as Cambodia and Singapore. This very approach has brought in significant export earnings to Bidrico. In 2010, Bidrico’s products were present in only six countries but they reached 14 countries in 2011. And, to date, Bidrico has won the heart of customers in most demanding markets like the United States and Japan. On September 18, 2012, at Caravelle Hotel, Bidrico signed a memorandum of understanding on the exclusivity basis to produce, market and distribute Sunkist products made by US-based American International Foods, Inc. (USFI), a company duly registered under the law of the State of California, US. An official signing with this American partner is expected to be concluded in December 2012. Also in September 2012, the company received European F.C.E. quality certification for its beverage products. Bidrico is expected to ship first 12 beverage containers to Japan in October 2012.

Promoting collective strength

The today’s success of Bidrico is also resulted from effective promotion of collective solidarity of all the staff who are dedicated and devoted to each development step of the company. It is the power of ironclad discipline in all production processes. Mr Hien said “We are very proud to have built a complete corporate regulation to enhance the efficiency of administration and management. I am very pleased to have built the discipline, reward mechanism and internal regulations to create a regulatory framework for all operations of the company. Because there are very specific regulations for every department, Bidrico employees are very passionate and self-responsible with their jobs. Once there is clearly defined regulatory framework, employees will see their rights and interests. They are encouraged spiritually and supported materially to boost up the sense of self-discipline, creative thinking and serious working for the long-term sustainable development of Bidrico brand.

In reality, the line of success and failure is momentary. The most important criteria are consistency, assertiveness and clearly defined orientation. Bidrico has solid steps as today and confronted no failures because we have a long-term strategy with specific plans and dogged determinations to cope with challenges and difficulties. After 20 years of construction and development, we are full of confidence that we will bring Vietnamese products to the world with the greatest pride of a Vietnamese person.

                                                                                                   Anh Dao