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Vietnam High Quality Goods Fair Opens in Da Nang 2013

On May 14th 2013, At the Da Nang Fair and Exhibition Center, 9 CMT8 Street , Khue Trung Ward, Cam Le District, Da Nang city took place the opening ceremony of  “The 100th  Viet Nam High Quality Goods Fair”. Fair attracted tens of millions of visitors involved in shopping and cheering.



Bidrico booth


At Fair, Tan Quang Minh Manufacture and Trading Co., Ltd – Bidrico took part in many promotional activities and exhibited the typical product lines as Energy drink, Bidrico carbonated soft drink, Bird’s nest drink White Fungus, Fruit Jelly, Anuta Green Tea, Winter Melon Tea,..The products of Bidrico were appreciated by most of the consumers and warmly supported.

Earlier, From May 12th  – 13th, 2013 took place the Demo Sampling program for customers to try the product for free. The program took place at Vinh Trung Plaza, Hung Vuong street, Da Nang City. This program was also located in a series of events to promote the fair that would take  place at the International Exhibition Fair Center of Da Nang city.

In the framework of the fair, Bidrico booth took palce the exciting activities such as: display and sell goods, introduce and promote the company's products, try products, lucky draw,.. in collaboration with the organizing committee to make Gameshow “I am number one seller”…attracted thousands of customers to participate.Vibrant competition attracted young people to participate enthusiastically. This was not just an opportunity for businesses to promote the brand, but also expressed their deep gratitude  to customers with attractive gifts.

Visitors research on product informations



A place of trying products

Bidrico products in common house

Gameshow “ I am number one seller”


Fair attracted visitors’attention during the five – day period and ended successfully at 9:30 PM on May19th ,2013.

Fair was a bridge to help businesses putting products into the hands of customers, promoted  the image of the businesses to customers. Fair ended  in the joy of both customers and businesses.