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A*nuta Mango Fruit drink 250ml

Anuta Fruit drink - Mango flavor
A*nuta Mango Fruit drink

" Supplement natural essences for your body"

- Mango fruit drink riches in vitamins A, B, C  and antioxidant which play a key role in fighting against the damaging effects of free radicals, prevention of number of diseases and slowing down the aging process. Clutamine in mango is amino acid that is essential for memory enhancement and may help cells in your body to work well. Glucozit has a few of these benefits stand out, namely that: reduce inflammation, kill bacteria, improve intestinal health, prevent the risk of heart disease, reduce blood pressure, provide fiber and lower cholesterol, boost bowel movement thereby minimizing risk of colon cancer. It is good for growth, health of skin and hair.  

-  Produced on an European modern, closed chain.

 - High quality, diversified models  and reasonable price, serving all people, especially women.