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A*nuta Orange Fruit drink 250ml


Anuta Fruit drink - Orange flavor
A*nuta Orange Fruit drink

" Supplement natural essences for your body"

- Orange fruit drink is a rich source of vitamin C helps promote detoxification process and increase the body's resistance. Citrus Limonoid compounds in orange juice will help to prevent breast cancer and lung cancer. Orange juice also help enhance the elasticity of blood vessels, helping to prevent cases of arteriosclerosis & hypertension.

- Using orange fruit drink every day can help improve skin, hair and nails because of having vitamin C, potassium and folic acid. Vitamin C is needed in the production of collagen with super nutrients lutein, delay the aging process. Yellow pigment in orange is related to the reduction of skin damage caused by the sun, is also used to improve the skin's elasticity.

- Produced on an European modern, closed chain.

 - High quality, diversified models  and reasonable price, serving all people, especially women.