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A*nuta Tamarind Fruit drink 250ml

Anuta Fruit drink - Tamarind flavour
A*nuta Tamarind Fruit drink

" Supplement natural essences for your body"

- Tamarind fruit drink contains minerals and vitamins needed for the body such as: tartaric acid and a small number malic acid helps to stimulate appetite, improve poor appetite, fatigue by hot or nausea, decreased taste due to pregnancy; fiber to support digestive tract, contributing to rehydration, electrolyte; vitamin B& C increase resistance; minerals, sour & salty flavor help cool the body, vitamin P effect on maintaining energy for the body, creating strong bones and healthy teeth, vitamin B1 helps energy metabolism and stabilize the nervous system, cardiovascular ...

- Produced on an European modern, closed chain

-  High quality, diversified models  and reasonable price, serving all people, especially women.