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A* & A*nuta Green Tea

A*nuta Green Tea 365ml & 500ml bottle


- A* & A*nuta green tea drink is made from natural green tea leaves with the best advanced extracting and processing technology. Bottled at 920 C on the hot filling line. A* & A*nuta green tea contains vitamin C, dietary fiber and Epigallo Catechin Gallate (EGCG). 
- EGCG is an anti - oxidant , has effected on anti - ageing, maintains youth, brings a new vitality, a cheery mind, cancer prevention. Resistance improvement and stress relief. Especially, A*nuta green tea drink is added fiber that helps support digestive tract and Vitamin C will not only help reduce tiredness of body but also helps absorb maximize nutriment from natural green tea. 
- A* & A*nuta green tea is bottled in 365ml and 500ml, suitable for everybody. Not only absolutely secure food hygienic safety but also preserve natural taste of green tea.