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Bi’s Nest Natural Bird’s Nest with Collagen & Rock Sugar Flavour 70 ml

 "Gold key to good health and sunshine beauty"


- A high quality product, produced on an European modern and closed chain.

Bi’s Nest Natural Bird’s Nest with Collagen& Rock Sugar Flavour is extracted 100% pure and natural, an excellent supply of protein, collagen, calcium and other nutrients, minerals for the body.


+ The effects of bird’s nest for young people, women:


- According to nutrition experts, Bird’s nest  is rich in protein, collagen and other nutrients & minerals, the consumption of bird’s nest is scientifically proven to have many health benefits, such as stimulating the regeneration of cells, strengthening immune and respiratory system. Thus, Bird’s nest is known for its benefits that help young people & especially for women to rejuvenate and maintain smooth, radiant, youthful complexion and  prolong the youthful definition for women.


+ The effect of bird’s nest for children: ­


- Bird’s nest is especially good for children that have malnutrition, anorexia, less sleep and broken sleep or lung disease, bronchitis. Using regularly bird’s nest will help stimulate children's digestive system, help children’s body healthy, strengthen immune and respiratory system.


+ The effects of bird’s nest for pregnant women:


- With components such as: proteins, amino acids and trace elements in bird’s nest will always help pregnant women to have enough source of nutrition. It could also help to strengthen the body of the mother and foetus as well as speed up the recovery process after giving birth.


+ The effects of bird’s nest for elderly people, patients & people using alcohol & smoking

- Bird’s nest helps olderly people improve not only the physical but also the brain, such as: improve memory (Phenylalanine), liver problems (Threonine), intestinal (Histidine), adjust the amount of sugar in the blood (Leucine), increase absorption, help the body recover faster in cancer patients after radiation therapy, chemotherapy, postoperative patients.

- Bird’s nest helps improve the body’s immune system & heart function and reduce blood pressure, improve respiratory system, digestive system, reduce cough, dissolve phlegm. In addition, Bird’s nest is also very nutritious food, helps increase appetite for the case of body weakness, fatigue, anorexia, poor blood, body tempered by smoking and alcohol consumption, insomnia, heart beating fast, thin, yellow skin,...

- Especially bird’s nest also strengthen kidney function, eliminate toxins in the blood, is very suitable for people who regularly use alcohol and tobacco.


+ The effects of bird’s nest for men:


- Methionine amino acid found in bird’s nest is especially important for men to get toned body as it decomposes quickly and burn fat. Menthinine also support cure exhaustion, arthritis and liver disease. Besides that, valine and isoleucine as the acids in bird’s nest help regulate protein, nitrogen balance needed good support for men recovering from sports practice.


+ The effects of Collagen in combination with  bird’s nest & rock sugar:


- According to nutrition experts, Collagen accounting for about 70% collagen structure of the skin and are distributed mainly in the dermis of the skin. Collagen helps to connect the cells, stimulate metabolic processes, creating the elasticity of the skin, highly effective in the recovery and regeneration of skin.

Collagen helps to maintain smooth beauty, firmness, preventing the appearance of wrinkles, especially the face, eyes, neck and hands. In addition, collagen is a protein made up 30% of the total protein in the human body with the primary function is to connect the body tissues together. Effect causes the body to work properly, healing joints, maintain elasticity, prevent osteoarthritis, ... The process of aging or weakness of people leads to the degradation phenomena such as the joints, skin loss elasticity forming wrinkles synonymous with the loss of collagen in the human body.



- High quality, suitable price, reliable product for everyone, especially for adults, women, children and patients.

Bi’s nest should be best comsumed daily to protect your health & your family’s.





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Bi’s Nest Natural Bird’s Nest with Collagen & Rock Sugar Flavour 70 ml                            

Flavor  Collagen & Rock Sugar
User guide: Shake well before using. Keep in a cool & dry place
 Net volume:: 70ml
 Awards, certificates: Chứng nhận ISO và HACCP Hàng Việt Nam chất lượng cao Sao vàng đất Việt Thương hiệu nổi tiếng. Thương hiệu mạnh 2011. Giải thưởng vàng ngôi sao quốc tế chất lượng dẫn đầu năm 2011 tại Paris.(Pháp) Giải thưởng bạch kim chất lượng kỷ nguyên quốc tế của thế kỷ tại năm 2012 Geneva(Thụy Sĩ) Chứng nhận FDA Chứng nhận Doanh nghiệp xanh Giải thưởng vương miện chất lượng quốc tế hạng kim cương tại Luân Đôn, Anh   The International Quality Summit Award in the Diamon Category 2014, In New York, Unitedstates
Packing types  Packing types: Contained in 70 ml jar, 06 jars/ box