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Carbonated Energy Drink with Strawberry

Carbonated Energy Drink with Strawberry 360ml
Carbonated Energy Drink with Strawberry 360ml

"Energy for active life"

- According to beauty experts, strawberries contain more anti-aging vitamin C than oranges and grapefruit. Collagen is a component of the skin that helps the skin smooth, add more nutrients to the skin, anti-aging. The cell free radicals to prevent skin continued synthesis of collagen, so skin will be dry, cracked and aging fast. Nutrients vitamin C in strawberries helps destroy the free radical cells, collagen synthesis was continued to maintain the beauty of your skin.

- Strawberry carbonated energy drink includes mixed fruit flavor, pure water, Sodium (Na+) & Potassium (K+) ions to instantly replenish K + & Na + ions lost via sweat during hot summer days or extreme athletic activities. Some essential vitamins such as B3, B5, B6, B12 help prevent reducing brain function and partial anemia. Glucose content, taurine, inositol ... is helpful for the nervous system, release energy for those who feel fatigue and exhausted. They help re-focus your mind, make you feel fresh again, regulate heartbeat and muscle contractions. Using strawberry carbonated energy drink to resist sleep, stay awake, increase resistance power, boost your energy level, reduce stress due to heavy work.

-  Produced on an European modern, closed chain, do not only have a great taste, but also have a lot of necessary vitamins and minerals for your body and suitable for everyone.

Product category: Carbonated Energy Drink
Flavor: Strawberry
User guide: Chilled before using. Keep in a cool and dry place.
Net volume: 360ml
Awards, certificates: Vietnam high quality goods Gold star award Famous brand. Vietnam excellent brand 2011. The International Star For Leadership In Quality Award In The Gold Category 2011 in Paris. Century International Platium Quatily Era Award in Geneva, Switzerland. Green Business Certificate The International Quality Crown Award in the Diamond category in London, England Certificate of Registration ISO and HACCP Certificate  The International Quality Summit Award in the Diamon Category 2014, In New York, Unitedstates
Packing types: - Contained in 360ml bottle, 24 bottles/carton, 1410 cartons/20 feet container.