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Factory - Manufacture Technology


The company is located in Vinh Loc Industrial Park, Vinh Loc A Commune, Binh Chanh district, HCM city with total area of 15.000m2Bidrico products are produced on many world-class modern chains from: France, Germany, Sweden, …with modern technology and

process: UHT pasterization, hot filling, hydrolysis extraction, ect. 



Panorama of the company

Restore Vitamin water supplement production line

Restore salty lemon drink production line


Bird’s Nest drink production line



Carbonated soft drink bottling line



Carbonated soft drink canning line




Yo-Bi drinking yoghurt bottling line




Fruit Jelly production line




Fruit drink production line




Winter Melon Tea production line




A*nuta Green Tea production line



Drinking Water production line