Contact with Bidrico


Sport: Annually, the company holds friendly football matches between departments, and also takes part in friendly football matches between companies in the Industrial Park and other organizations, departments, branches.



Music Show: Participate in activities of the associations, exchange with brothers at the South Adolescents Center, participate in Personnel Staff singing of HCM Industrial Zone held by HCM Young Businessman Association.


Sightseeing, travelling, and vacation: Annually, the Company holds sightseeing and tourist trips for staffs. 

Human resource training courses:

Welcoming foreign delegations to visit the company:




Company honored with awards in recent years:

Company often organized and participated in activities to reach consumers, sales support



Society, Charity: Distribute gifts for poor children on mid-autumn occasion, offer computers for disable children, support dioxin victims, give strength to poor studious students, sponsor for Phu Dong Health Association of District 3, hold the “School Sour Milk” program, .....