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Mixed Fruit Flavour 225ml

Carbonated Energy Drink with Sour Plum 235ml
Restore Energy Drink cup with Mixed Fruit 225ml

- Restore Energy drink cup has some ions: Na +, K + to complement the Na +, K + lost during physical activities and playing sports, minerals: vitamin B5, B6, B12... help prevent the loss of brain function and the prevention of partial anemia and other components like sugar (glucose), taurine, inositol ... are good for the nervous system, help focus the mind and the physical activities, brain cell membrane stability and help for the active contraction of the heart .... This is the drink with good taste, a lot of necessary vitamins and minerals for the body. Enhances the resistance, bringing fresh looks, full of energy and flexibility to users.

- Produced on an European modern, closed chain, do not only have a great taste, but also have a lot of necessary vitamins and minerals for your body and suitable for everyone.