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Sour Plum Flavour 225ml

Carbonated Energy Drink with Sour Plum 235ml
Restore Energy Drink Cup with Sour Plum 225ml

Sour plum also known as salted dry apricot that has some effect as follows:

+ Prevent fatigue
Fatigue is often caused by the accumulation of acids (lactic acid, pyruvic acid) this type do not break down quickly by the body's metabolism. Our blood acidification due to consuming too much the positive or negative food (such as sugar, refined flour and animal food) as well as due to lack of oxygen (usually due to lack of exercise activities) when blood acidification, associated diseases occur: liver disease and other diseases associated with aging. Therefore, we should eat sour plum to provide materials that decompose quickly excess acid in our bodies

+ Anti-aging

Aging is simply a process of oxidation (rust clay is also a process of oxidation), sour plum effects against oxidative processes in the blood stream.

+ Detoxifying effects
Sour plum supports metabolic processes,continuous energy supply for safe operation cells, such as kidney and liver cells, the body will detoxify more efficiently.
- The above three effects of sour plum helps rejuvenate the body and increase vitality.

- Sour Plum Energy Drink Cup includes sour plum flavor, pure water, and the ions Na +, K + to complement the Na +, K + lost during physical activity and sports, minerals: vitamin B3, B5, B6, ... help prevent the loss of brain function and the prevention of partial anemia and glucose components. Taurine, inositol ... are good for the nervous system, help focus the mind and the physical activities needed by the body in those who are tired and weak, brain cell membrane stability and help for the active contraction of the heart ....Sour Plum Energy Drink Cup is the drink with good taste, a lot of necessary vitamins and minerals for the body. Enhances the body's resistance, bringing fresh looks, full of energy and flexibility to users.

-  Produced on an European modern, closed chain, do not only have a great taste, but also have a lot of necessary vitamins and minerals for your body and suitable for everyone. 

Product category: Energy Drink Cup
Flavor: Sour Plum
User guide: Chilled before using. Keep in a cool and dry place.
Net volume: 225ml
Awards, certificates: Vietnam high quality goods Gold star award Famous brand. Vietnam excellent brand 2011. The International Star For Leadership In Quality Award In The Gold Category 2011 in Paris. Century International Platium Quatily Era Award in Geneva, Switzerland. Green Business Certificate The International Quality Crown Award in the Diamond category in London, England Certificate of Registration ISO and HACCP Certificate The International Quality Summit Award in the Diamon Category 2014, In New York, Unitedstates
Packing types: - Contained in  225ml bottles, 24 bottles/carton, 1260 cartons/20 feet conatiner.