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Restore Salty lemon Drink 360ml

Restore Salty Lemon Drink 360ml

"Cool and Refreshing "

- Restore Salty Lemon Drink is a high quality product, produced on an European modern and closed chain.

Restore Salty Lemon Drink is a perfect combination of flavors: lemon, sea salt and  pure water , creating a tasty drink.

- Restore Salty Lemon Drink is a valuable nutrient drink, compensating Na +, K+, Ca, Fe & vitamins  B1, B2, A, especially Vitamin C.  It helps increase the body’s resistance, stimulate digestion, reduce blood cholesterol, promote a healthy cardiovascular system, ..

Restore Salty Lemon Drink is a superior and reliable product for everyone.

- Good for strong physical activities or playing sports

- High quality, suitable price, serving everyone’s needs, especially for adults,  women and children.