Contact with Bidrico

Terms of sale


Party B must ensure conditions required by Party A:

v      Have Business Licence according to the State Regulations

v      Provide image materials, business lines of Party B for Party A for clarification

v      Prove to have enough material facilities, mean of transportation, storage, finance, human resources and management ability.

v      Full name of the representative, position (if any), address, phone number, Fax, Email.

v      The contract to be issued by Party A and agreed by Party B, its validity to be minimum 01 year. During implementation period,  Party B for any reason must cease consuming products manufactured by Party A then to inform Party A before 30 days

v      Business location of Party B must be right as signed initially to be suitable with business plan of Party A, when Party B changes the business location then Party B must inform Party A before 10 days.


v     Instruction of maintenance regime

v     Production and provide Party B with Bidrico soft drink products meeting quality standard and hygiene safety according to the registered table with HCM Health Service and Food Administration of Vietnam Ministry of Health.

v     Provide necessary vouchers for Party B to ensure the product’s legality.

v     Provide manufactured articles, sales supporting tools for Party B (if any)

v     Support market development, training, human resource supply


v      Bidrico soft drink products are contained in plastic vessel, plastic bottle, aluminium can, nylon pack and arranged in paper box, plastic shrink or film covered tray.

   - Bidrico Carbonated soft drink 1.25 L             Organe, Strawberry, Lychee, Cola, Sarsi, Apple, Lemon, Tamarind (24 bottles/carton)
   - Bidrico Carbonated soft drink 400 ml          Organe, Strawberry, Lychee, Cola, Sarsi, Apple, Lemon (24 bottles/carton)
   - Bidrico Cabonated soft drink 330 ml            Organe, Lychee, Cola, Sarsi, Apple, Lemon.. (24 cans/carton)
   - Yobi sterilized drinking yoghurt 110 ml              Organe, Strawberry, Soursop (60 bottles/carton)
   - Bidrico Drinking Water  0.35 L & 0.5 L              24 bottles/carton 
   - Bidrico Drinking Water  21 L  contained in 21 L bottle
   - A*nuta Fruit Drink 330 ml              Organe, Apple, Tamarind, Mango, Pineapple, Passion...(24 cans/carton)
   - A*nuta Winter Melon Tea 330 ml              24 cans/carton
   - Bidrico Bird's Nest Drink 240 ml              contained in 240 ml bottle
   - Super Tiger Energy Drink 200ml              24 bottles/carton
   - Super Tiger Energy Drink 250ml                24 cans/carton
   - Bidrico Fruit Jelly 0.5 kg             with various fruit: Organe, Lychee, Cassaba Melon, Coconut, Banana, Apple, Mango, Soursop, Pineapple, Guava, Taro,...contained in 0.5 kg pouch (12 pouches/carton)
   - Bidrico Fruit Jelly 01 kg              with various fruit: Organe, Lychee, Cassaba Melon, Coconut, Banana, Apple, Mango, Soursop, Pineapple, Guava, Taro,...contained in 0.1 kg pouch (08 pouches/carton)

  - A*nuta Green Tea with Lemon            

 contained in 365 ml & 500 ml bottle (24 bottles/carton)
  - Bidrico Energy Drink  360 ml            with flavors: Kiwi - Lemon, Sour plum, Strawberry (24 bottles/carton)
  - Super Tiger Energy Drink  360 ml   Mixed fruit flavos (24 bottles/carton)
  - Super Tiger Energy Drink 1.25L                Mixed fruit flavor (12 bottles/carton)
  - Restore Vitamin Water Supplement 400 ml          with flavors of Lemon & Grapefruit, contained in 400 ml bottle (24 bottles/carton)
  - Restore Salty Lemon Drink 495 ml  contained in 495 ml bottle (24 bottles/carton)
  - Restore Energy Drink 235 ml   contained in 235 ml cup with flavors: Kiwi - Lemon, Sour plum, Strawberry, Mixed fruit flavor (48 cups/carton)
  - Bi's Nest Natural Bird's Nest 70 ml  with flavors: Ginger & Rock Sugar, Collagen & Rock Sugar, Ginseng & Rock Sugar, Rock Sugar, Lotus Seeds & Rock Sugar..contained in 70 ml jar (6 jars/box)
  - Là Lá La - Bidrico Fruity Juice 60 ml  with flavors: Apple, Pineapple, Grape, Strawberry, Organe..contained in 60 ml tube, 10 tubes/bag (12 bags/carton)

v      Warranty time for product quality based on best-before date printed on label, on cap, on body or in the bottom of the product.

v      In case there is any change of product quality during warranty time, Party B must inform Party A timely so that Party A could withdraw the products for considering, concluding and placing concrete responsibility.

v      If the product is changed after warranty time, Party B must be entirely responsible for.


  v      Party B must transfer the purchase order to Party A 03 days before receiving the goods


v      Party A will send Quotation to Party B according to each period.

v      Depend on practical situation, party A will adjust corresponding price and commission rate.


v      Party B pays 100% of the order value before receiving the goods


v      The goods is delivered at Party A’s stock

v      Consignee for Party B (could be member of the family, vehicle owner, driver…) must be affirmed by Party B by Letter of Recommendation or telephone, fax, must bring ID, Passport and must sign on the delivery note.

v      Party B must be entirely responsible for lost, damaged goods due to the transportation after Party A has delivered.

  v      Loading and Unloading: at which party’s site then to be beared by that party

v      During delivery process, if any obstacle arises, both sideds will meet to discuss and solve together.

Representative    : Mr. NGUYEN DANG HIEN       Position: General Director
 Address            : Lot C 21/I, Street 2F, Vinh Loc Industrial Park, Vinh Loc A Commune, Binh Chanh District , HCM city
Tel.                    : 08 7 652 567   Fax : 08 7 652 979
Tax Code           : 0302395763
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