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YoBi Sterilized drinking yoghurt: Orange

YoBi Sterilized drinking yoghurt Orange Flavor
YoBi Sterilized drinking yoghurt: Orange

"Fruit yoghurt, adore immediately when drinking"

- Orange is one of fruits that contain essential oil and rich in vitamin C, which is very cool and nutritious for the body. Also vitamin C has effect of increasing the resistance of the body and stmulating the absorption of iron.

- Vitamin B in yoghurt stimulate taste that help adults has a good appetite and children have a better digestion. In addition, the lactose in yoghurt help children imbibe the food quickly.

- Yoghurt helps provide beneficial bacteria to make the balance of bacteria in the intestinal tract.

- Yoghurt helps to restrict respiratory diseases related to the virus.

- Yoghurt helps provide calcium help teeth stronger and prevent osteoporosis.

- Nutrition experts encourage daily use of yoghurt to enhance health, Orange sterilized drinking yoghurt is a nutritious food easier to digest and suitable for all ages, especially women and children.

- Orange sterilized drinking yoghurt is made from ya-ourt pure, extracted orange juice and natural fermentation technology as well as applications of modern production lines of Sweden. Characterized by good taste of orange mixed with the fat taste of the pure milk, contains no preservatives. Orange sterilized drinking yoghurt contains high levels of nutrients, minerals and vitamins needed for the body.

Product category: YoBi Sterilized drinking yoghurt
Flavor: Orange
User guide: Chilled and shaken well before using. keep in a cool and dry place.
Net volume: 110ml
Awards, certificates: Vietnam high quality goods Gold star award Famous brand. Vietnam excellent brand 2011. Halal Certificate High quality products for public health The International Star For Leadership In Quality Award In The Gold Category 2011 in Paris. Century International Platium Quatily Era Award in Geneva, Switzerland. Green Business Certificate The International Quality Crown Award in the Diamond category in London, England Certificate of Registration ISO and HACCP Certificate The International Quality Summit Award in the Diamon Category 2014, In New York, Unitedstates
Packing types: - Contained in 110ml plastic bottle, bottles/carton, 2400 cartons/20 feet container.