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Restore Salty Lemon drink is a beverage made from salted lemon juice, brewed by the traditional method from fresh lemon, peeled a thin skin and washed many times with clean water, then soaked in salt water. Next, salted lemons are sun dried for 2-3 months, finally remove the fruit and collect only the lemon juice. With modern machinery technology, the closed production chain creates Restore salty lemonade that is transparent, colorless.

- This lemon juice contains the nutritional ingredients of lemons including: potassium, pectin (fiber), carbohydrates, recognizable phytochemicals as citric acid (sour taste) and D-limonene (aroma of lemon essential oil) and others.

- Bidrico is honored with the Restore salty lemon drink as a leading product of Ho Chi Minh City (2018-2020) according to Decision No. 4544 / QD - People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City on October 15th, 2018.

- Salty lemonade will replenish water, mineral salts including potassium, sodium, provide more water, mineral salts, energy needed, enough to make you feel refreshing and active again.

- In hot weather and hard labor, drinking a cool glass of Restore Salty Lemonade will help you feel cool down and get energy back immediately. In addition, the Restore Salty Lemonade is cold, so it also has heat bar effect, reduces the flatulence symptoms, stimulates digestion, cures coughs, flu and helps to lose weight.