Thirsty & Refreshed


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Bidrico carbonated soft drinks with many delicious flavors of natural fruits such as: Orange, Lychee, Strawberry, Apple, Cola, Sarsi, Lemon, and Tamarind offer many choices for everyone. With a light gas taste, the drink helps to quench the thirst quickly and is suitable for all ages.

Products of high quality, reasonable prices and produced on a closed, modern production line according to European standards.

Uses of soft drinks

Enjoying Bidrico carbonated soft drink not only quenches your thirst quickly but also has many different uses such as:

Headache relief: When using a sufficient amount, the caffeine in soft drinks stimulates the central nervous system, reduces headache symptoms, improves mood, reduces tiredness, and disintegrates fatty acids in the liver.

Making cocktail: Perfect combination with a little of vodka, rum or bourbon, a few slices of lemon would be also great.

Good for the digestive system: Carbon dioxide (CO2) in carbonated soft drinks, is proven by many scientific studies to be the ingredient that brings many benefits to the digestive system. Helps to reduce nausea, stomach pain, supports constipation treatment.

Good for the respiratory system: Caffeine in carbonated soft drinks is a substance that helps open up the respiratory tract, making the breathing rhythm of the patient good, stable, and easy, helping to reduce the symptoms of asthma.

Effective weight loss: Caffeine helps speed up metabolic process in the body, breaking down fat cells quickly. Therefore, it will contribute to the effective handling of your weight.