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Restore Energy Drink in cup is produced on advanced and automatic production line.

Restore Energy Drink in cup with flavors: Mixberry, Fruit and Coconut jelly

Containing Na+, K+ ions to supplement the Na+, K+ lost during sports movements, minerals, Vitamins B3, B6, B12 ... to help prevent brain function decline and prevent ischemia, components glucose, taurine, inositol ... have good effects on the nervous system, help focus thoughts and activities that need physical strength, foster the body in people who are tired and weakens, stabilizes brain cell membranes and helps the heart's spasmodic activities ... This is really a drink with a delicious taste, supplementing many vitamins and minerals necessary for the body. Helping to increase resistance, bringing freshness, full of vitality and mobility to the user.

Restore Energy Drink in cup is a high quality product, reasonable price, use for all ages.