Delicious sober tea - Ecstatic peach flavor

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- A*nuta Peach Tea is a blend of the pure, characteristic taste of natural tea leaves with the sweet and tangy taste of peaches, bringing a feeling of refreshment, coolness and freshness to the drinker.

- Along with a closed machinery system, ensuring quality safety standards ISO 9001: 2015, cGMP, HACCP, the product still retains the flavor and necessary nutrients for the body.

- A*nuta peach tea will be the perfect choice for everyone, not only as a refreshing drink but also with health benefits.

- The product is suitable for all users. With a capacity of 500 ml, A*nuta Peach Tea is suitable to take and use anywhere: at school or at work, in the office, indoors or outdoors, all very convenient.

- Packing type: 500ml/bottle x 24 bottles/carton, 1.520 cartons/cont 20 feet - Expiry date: 12 months from date of manufacture

Product uses

With natural ingredients, low in sugar, this is a great product to help cool down, purify the body, boost immunity, aid digestion, fight aging and help wake up and relax extremely effectively.

Where to buy 550ml bottle of A*nuta Peach tea?

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+ Zalo shop: Bidrico

+ Facebook: Nước giải khát Bidrico bán hàng

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- Contact us distributor here: 0966266416