Golden Key To Your Health


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Bi's Nest Salangane’s Nest Drink 190ml is a high grade product, produced on modern European production line.

With ingredients such as bird's nest, white fungus, rock sugar and vitamins helping to restore health, foster body, create soft skin.

Bird's nest drink is very good for consumers thanks to its high protein (accounting for 53-65% of the composition), carbohydrate, trace minerals and fiber, Glyco-protein nutrients, vitamin B, amino acids and fatty acids ... Therefore, bird's nest drink has the effect of restoring, strengthening and maintaining resistance.

Moreover, bird's nest drink is a recommended food for ill people, pregnant women and malnourished children. Bird's nest drink has the effect of adding moisture to the skin, helping the skin stay healthy and radiant, boosting health and immunity, preventing aging, boosting the immune system, keeping the body healthy, the skin is smooth, shining and youthful.

For women who enter the age of 30, signs of aging appear: skin loses its elasticity, begins to lose hair, is susceptible to infection and has a poor resilience. Therefore, using regularly bird's nest drink can help women reducing these signs of aging.

High quality and reasonable price, bird’s nests drink serving all people, especially for adults, women and patients.<style>