Drinking Yobi youghurt it make you'll fall in love


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Naturally fermented from New Zealand milk sources, help to stimulate digestion.

Bidrico's Yobi sterilized drinking yogurt is produced by natural fermentation process, the yeast source is imported from Denmark and preserved at temperature of -18 degrees C. Process starts from the fermentation of the milk source for 8 hours, to get yogurt. Then yogurt was used in the process creating Yobi sterilized drinking yogurt.

Yobi sterilized drinking yogurt is produced on modern European technology lines, completely closed and automatic.

Yobi sterilized drinking yogurt helps provide beneficial bacteria, creates a balance for bacteria in the intestinal tract, helps stimulate the taste buds to help appetite, having the effect on supporting digestion, lactose helps children tolerate food faster.

Yobi sterilized drinking yogurt with 3 fruit flavors: Orange, Strawberry, Soursop made from pure yogurt, fruit juice and applying natural fermentation technology using modern Swedish line. Characterized by the fruit flavor combined with the fatty aroma of whole milk, no preservatives.

Supplementing nutrients, energy for the body, increasing fitness.

Vitamin B in yogurt helps stimulate the taste buds of adults to eat well, lactose helps children tolerate food faster.

Helps prevent eye diseases, protects the heart.

Limit respiratory diseases related to viruses.

Providing calcium to help teeth strong, prevent osteoporosis

Nutrition experts encourage use yoghurt daily to promote health, Yo-Bi drinking yogurt is a nutritious food that is easy to digest and suitable for all ages, especially for women and children.