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Restore Salty Lemon Drink

Salty Lemon Drink's made from salty lemon juice, refined with no artificial color. Specially, extra 11% lemon salt.

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Bidrico Bird's Nest Drink

Bidrico Bird's Nest Drink is certified FDA, FCE& SID - export standards to the U.S from 2012 to present.

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Bidrico Drinking Water

Bidrico Drinking Water is purified by Ion Exchange to remove heavy metals such as Iron, Copper, Lead, Zinc, Quicksilver, Arsenic, etc. Clean by OSMONIC filter from 5 microns to 0.2 micron. U.V. and treated by ozone.

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Bidrico Bottled Drinking Water

is DRINKING WATER of The APEC Summit, which serves heads of state from 21 economies around the world

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