Fruit Jelly

Suitable for everbody,
Especially women and children

“More Eating More Delicious





  • 960g

  • 470g


  • 8 bags (960g)/ carton

  • 12 bags (470g)/ carton

Product information

The benefits of the product

– Main ingredients: jelly powder, coconut agar combined with many natural fruits: Orange, Lychee, Cassaba melon, Banana, Taro, Apple, Mango, Soursop, Pineapple, Guava, Coconut, Corn, Grapes, creating many flavors that help consumers easily to choose by appetite, suitable for everbody, especially women and children.

– Fruit jelly is produced on an European modern, closed chain.

Quality criteria in 100ml products


Bidrico Fruit Jelly

Sugar        :  19,5 – 29 g/100g
Acid citric: 0,19 – 0,29 g/100g

– Contained in pouch 470g, 12 bags/carton, 2185 cartons/ cont 20 feet.
– Contained in pouch 960g, 08 bags/carton, 1650 cartons/ cont 20 feet.