Winter Melon Tea

A Quality Product of Bidrico
Maintaining a Traditional Flavor, Bringing Convenience to Consumers

“Febrifugal and Cooling Your Body”




  • 330ml

  • Plastic shrink/6 cans

  • 360ml

  • Plastic shrink/6 bottles


  • 24 cans (330ml)/ carton

  • 24 bottles (360ml)/ carton

Product information

The benefits of the product
 “Febrifugal and cooling your body”

– With winter melon juice extracted from winter melon which is cold, helps release body temperature, prevent diabetes and high blood pressure, especially fibre in winter melon tea helps support digestive tract, bring to you a young and fresh skin.

– Winter melon tea is a hi-end canned product, produced on an European modern, closed chain.
– High quality and reasonable price, serving all people, especially adults, women and patients.
Quality criteria in 100ml products

Winter Melon Tea


Nutrition Facts

Serving Size          1 can (330 ml)

Serving per Container

Amount Per Serving

Calories – kcal (kJ)(*): 140 (590)  Calories – kcal(kJ) from Fat: 0(0)

                                                                                            % Daily Value*
Total Fat                                    0 g                                                 0%
Saturated Fat                           0 g                                                  0%
Trans Fat                                  0 g
Cholesterol                               0 mg                                               0%
Sodium                                     40 mg                                             2%
Total carbohydrate                  35 g                                                12%
Sugars                                      33 g
Protein                                      0,0 g
Vitamin A                                  0%                    Vitamin C              0%
Calcium                                     0%                     Iron                       0%

*  Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 Calorie =  (8400 kJ) diet.


– Contained in 330ml can, 24 cans/cartons, 2,350 cartons/container 20 feet.

– Contained in 360ml bottle, 24 bottles/cartons, 1,520 cartons/container 20 feet.